Monday, 5 November 2012

Attention all field sales professionals: Your chance to have a moan!

With most markets becoming more competitive, we need to maximise every resource available to succeed in our jobs. It becomes very frustrating if we are hindered by not having the resources or support to achieve our targets.

In a sales position this is even more important as a salesperson can often rely on others. 

We would like to find out from professionals in building products sales jobs what their biggest frustrations are that prevent success.

Vote in our POLL for the SINGLE main reason that restricts your chances of success.  Feel free to elaborate and comment further.

Lack of office support
Do you find your day wasted by calls being put through to you, which could be easily handled by the office? Can you rely on them to support you by sending out literature, samples and technical information as well as answering queries and sorting out minor problems so that you can concentrate on selling? Do you get enough quality leads from the office to assist you to grow your area?

Bogged down by paperwork
Do you spend most of your time completing time sheets, visit reports, sales updates, prospects sheets and sales figures and find yourself spending more time doing this than actually going out selling?

Lack of sales aids
Are you given enough relevant literature and technical documentation to meet the needs of your customers and prospects?  Is your company’s website user-friendly and can it be used to enhance your sell and as an added value information source? Do you have samples, presentations, point-of-sale material and demonstration equipment provided as part of your portfolio?

Lack of product and market training
Do you find yourself struggling with product knowledge and understanding of regulations due to lack of a professional and structured training programme by your company.  Does this prevent you from selling effectively on features and benefits and adopting a more technical sale and taking the conversation away from price?

Poor operational support
Are you always let down by operations resulting in damaging your integrity with your customers due to factors such as: late delivery, out of stocks, too long lead-times, unrealistic minimum order quantities, excessive delivery charges or damaged or incorrect stock being sent?

Poor product or lack of range
Do you find that you cannot compete against your competitors because your company’s range is not broad enough or that the product is not of sufficient quality to develop brand loyalty and trust?

Unable to compete on price 
Do you always lose out on price and can never understand why your product is so much more expensive than your competitors?

Let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to vote!
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  1. Paperwork, spend half my time doing it. When I'm asked what I've been doing, I say 'writing about doing paperwork' I am sure nobody reads it either. I love selling and want to do that, not admin.

  2. The sales office where I work provides very little back-up and just create problems for me. They seem to give my customers incorrect information and then I have to waste time finding out the truth. This is a regular event.

  3. I suspect that Papework will win this one.....BUT surely paperwork is a "necessary evil" & a professional salesperson will accept this is part of their job ! I would have thought poor product / lack of range would be a far greater obstacle - am I wrong ??

    Colin Hoy / Pinnacle Consulting

  4. Product Training for sure - I consider myself technically focused but have had to do most of my training on product and regulations and how the two work together myself, otherwise I could not offer a good service to my customers and prospects. I understand that some of this is my responsibility being a professional salesperson, but I feel that the company I work for needs to take a more structured approach across the whole sales team with regards to training. This provides consistency in the market place in all regions.

  5. The warehouse at my company can never get out the product in time to meet my customers' needs. I come back from a sales meeting inspired to sell a new product, only to then be told that they can't have it for three weeks. It is like banging my head against a brick wall. Luckily we are currently out of bricks!