Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What is the link between West Ham, Arsenal, Cambridge and Ridgeons?!

Philip Willcocks /
So onwards to the Emirates and the day I have been dreading, almost as much as the half-marathon I am training for...

As many who read this blog will know, I am running the Cambridge half-marathon in March - kit sponsored by Ridgeons - to raise vital funds for Badger Ward at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and a couple of weeks ago, I ran a few times round West Ham's Upton Park - my team - as part of my training and to help promote the cause, but now I have to commit to my part of the deal: running round Arsenal's Emirates Stadium...

The cause has been selected because our Managing Director, Steve Rogan, is a keen supporter of Great Ormond Street Hospital, mainly because his nephew Tom suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and receives amazing care there. Steve and his nephew are huge Arsenal supporters and one of the promotional ideas was for me to run round the perimeter of the Emirates Stadium a few times in an Arsenal shirt. 

I agreed to this if, as a West Ham supporter, I could do the same at West Ham in a West Ham shirt. I did this on Thursday 12th Feb.(You can find out more here.) Sadly, there is no getting out of it now...

So this Saturday - 28th February - I am visiting North London to do the deed. Full evidence to follow next week...Wish me luck!

Please donate to the cause here. Your support is appreciated. 

The Emirates is one of the most successful sporting construction projects the UK has seen
The Emirates Stadium (known as Ashburton Grove prior to sponsorship) it has a capacity of approx. 60,000 and is currently the third-largest football stadium in England after Wembley and Old Trafford.

In 1997, Arsenal explored the possibility of relocating to a new stadium, having been denied planning permission by Islington Council to expand its home ground of Highbury. After considering various options, the club bought an industrial and waste disposal estate in Ashburton Grove in 2000. A year later they won the council's approval to build a stadium on the site; manager Arsène Wenger described this as the "biggest decision in Arsenal's history" since the board appointed Herbert Chapman.

Relocation began in 2002, but financial difficulties delayed work until actual construction of the stadium began in February 2004. 

Arsenal appointed Sir Robert McAlpine to carry out building work and the stadium was designed by HOK Sport (known as Populous since 2009), who were the architects for Stadium Australia and the redevelopment of Ascot Racecourse. Construction consultants Arcadis and engineering firm Buro Happold were also involved in the process.

The first phase of demolition was completed in March 2004 and two months later stand piling on the West, East and North stands had been concluded. Two bridges over the Northern City railway line connecting the stadium with Drayton Park were also built; these were completed in August 2004. The stadium topped out in August 2005 and external glazing, power and water tank installation was completed by December 2005. 

The first seat in the new stadium was ceremonially installed on 13 March 2006. DD GrassMaster was selected as the pitch installer with Hewitt Sportsturf contracted to design and construct the playing field.

The stadium has undergone a process of "Arsenalisation" since 2009 with the aim of restoring Arsenal's heritage and history.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How the "inside sales department" is transforming building product manufacturers

The internal sales/customer service function at a manufacturer of building products has evolved in recent years and now is of vital importance to its success or failure.

It is easy to forget that many things we now take for granted were not widespread only a few years ago - mainly in technology - and a large number of these have shaped our personal or professional lives and changed the way we do business - people expect more and want it instantly. We all have to adapt.

In addition, for the building and construction industry, changes to regulations and legislation have also affected the way manufacturers do business. 

To help facilitate and react to these changes, the nature of the internal support office has evolved, and in a competitive climate having high quality customer service and effective internal sales teams are key to business strategy. This 'inside sales department' is transforming building products manufacturers, but how is it changing?

The need for a more sophisticated conversation
At Pinnacle Consulting, we have noticed a considerable shift in clients placing a far greater focus on the structure, nature and expectation of customer service departments. 

Enhanced added value now needs to be provided to customers, as does the provision of pertinent information and product support to an ever-growing number of different audiences. People now expect a more informed and technical experience from their call. 

A sales office used to be very much focused on inputting information and passing on this information to the customer. Part numbers, list prices, delivery dates and perhaps providing a product brochure were pretty much the extent of the assistance available. A sales office was a reactive environment with little understanding of the product and their customers’ requirements.

The nature of the conversation between a caller and a sales office has become more sophisticated and varied, particularly in the type of caller. The phrase ‘the computer says no’ pretty much sums up the way a sales or support office should not be run.

The mix of the function of person calling a sales office has shifted from being almost totally focused on distribution partners to one that on a daily basis includes installers, specifiers, contractors, developers and end-users in addition to distribution. This means that greater diversity is needed from customer service teams to adapt. 

For manufacturers not to take customer service seriously is no longer an option, as these initial calls can lead to securing good business and building long-term mutually beneficial relationships. 

Bringing substance to the once meaningless product code
You can see how the calibre of an internal sales person needs to be higher, although this does not mean that they need to be a part-time specification consultant - that is not their job - but it does mean they should have a basic understanding of their product and market. 

This puts more responsibility on the employer to recruit either higher quality candidates or have a commitment to developing existing employees through continued training. 

There now should be substance behind the characters of a part number, so that a product code becomes something tangible to internal teams. 

Being able to help an enquirer at an early stage of a project and allow them to begin the process of making an informed decision gives them confidence that they are dealing with a company that wants to help and knows their market. It will also help external sales team and technical support team further down the line.

Don’t forget the stockist!
It is also important that the needs of the stockist are not forgotten, they should still be one of the main focuses of a sales office environment, but the service to them also needs to be enhanced and become more proactive. 

Internal teams should be actively encouraged to build closer relationships with their channel partners, as they have also changed the way they do business. 

They need to be helped to understand and to sell the manufacturers products by providing relevant information, support and guidance. The sales office is ideally positioned to develop this relationship. 

It should be an aim to promote cost-saving, problem-solving or regulation-driven product solutions in a straightforward and professional manner and the whole company needs to be consistent in their approach from phone calls, visits, information and literature, to achieve this. This approach will help grow a business as well as that of its distributors.

Understanding data
However, there is still a huge emphasis on the sales office professional to provide data on stock availability, order progress, delivery dates and transport methods, and to assist with any problems that invariably occur, but it is how these problems are handled that makes a company or individual in a sales office environment excel. 

Customers expect to be given facts based on actual data rather than hollow promises based on crossed fingers and supposition, although, data can also cause problems; it is vital that internal team knows not only where to access data but also understands how to interpret it. There is nothing worse than passing off something as fact when it is actually misinformation, so it is advisable to invest a great deal of time to avoid this happening. Customers should be given information they can rely on to avoid consequences throughout the distribution chain.

Added responsibility
Another increasingly important aspect of the internal sales/customer service professional is to actively promote new initiatives and product launches. It is important that every conversation is a possible sales/educational opportunity for the caller.

Although this does not need to become a hard sell and make the caller uncomfortable, it is a vital part of the need to build long-term relationships and share information, when it can help or reward the caller – a good policy is to make it relevant and not to waste their time.

If a manufacturer can inform an installer about a loyalty or distributor promotion scheme then they should let them know; or perhaps the manufacturer runs training courses, or has a new product that is relevant to their project or sector and it can solve a problem for them, then it is good practice to send them details.

The customer service team should be evolving so that manufacturers can help people in their job, like offering CAD design installation design schedules service. Services like these are mutually beneficial and will underline confidence in the manufacturer’s product.

A changing and wide-ranging skillset
The internal support professional needs to have the appropriate skillset to ask the right questions to find the right solutions, or the knowledge to give the correct answers to questions. 

There is nothing worse than being passed from department to department, especially at what is likely to be an exploratory stage for the enquirer. 

Teams should always be aware of the possible time restraints of the caller as they have a job to do too. So it is important to judge the situation and behave accordingly.

The internal role has become wide-ranging and needs someone who has excellent all round skills. It also now has added responsibility and a greater impact on the success or failure of any business, but particularly one in the building and construction industry.

What is needed to ensure a successful and forward thinking internal sales office at a manufacturer of building products?

Here is our five-point guide for employers to help make this change work.

1. Be consistent and educate
Although teams should be encouraged to have a personal approach, it is vital they have the information, processes and guidelines to convey a consistent message. 

It is not good practice to have people being told something different each time they call. As a result, manufacturers should invest a lot of time in ensuring its team knows their information systems, procedures and products through training and briefings.

2. Create a culture of communication and development
Much of how a business should operate needs to be based on common sense and regular effective communication throughout the business. 

Try and act as one team with one voice - to achieve this departmental boundaries need to be broken down to enable understanding, so everyone works together to achieve excellent customer service.

Manufacturers should encourage active communication lines between internal and external sales, accounts, operations, marketing and technical support. Many find that if you involve people in the future of the company and listen to their views, then the company becomes more efficient and effective. It is also vital to listen and act on feedback from customers.

3. Be honest and keep promises
We are all judged by what we do, rather than what we say, and this applies to colleagues as well as customers. It is vital to have integrity and build trust as this provides the foundation for long-term business relationships.

Encourage honesty, even when it is not the news someone wants to hear. Honesty enables an issue to be resolved rather than be made worse.

4. Empower staff to be accountable
If employees can gain a good understanding of their employer’s basic product system options and benefits, it’s very valuable. Involving internal staff in briefings and discussions, as well as providing them with the resources to do their job, gives them the power to blossom. 

That said; it is also important they know the escalation options available to them and ensure they are supported in their role.

It is advisable to set realistic KPIs and to have regular review and role development meetings with internal staff.

5. Introduce function flexibility
Where possible try and encourage inter-departmental training, as this allows consistency in service when there are holidays or illness. It also helps to make work more varied and interesting to the employee and assists them in finding their preferred role. 

The customer service function in a building products manufacturer can include order input/progress, CAD support, project planning, account management, technical support and basic sales and marketing responsibilities.

We hope you have enjoyed our feature on internal sales in the building products industry and it has given you an enhanced understanding of the vital role it has in helping companies within the industry to succeed.

Excellent office based customer service can increase sales and trust in your service or product. An internal sales jobs is now much more specialised and rewarding due the changing nature of the role. It is not just order processing and advising on stock and prices.

If you are an employer looking to recruit, please call us to discuss your requirements on 01480 405225 or email you would like to discuss a career in Internal Sales in the Building Products Industry, you may wish to attend one of our PinBuild Career Development Clinics which are held throughout the UK every month.

Visit our website for more information.

Ecobuild Official Show Preview - take a look here

Have you had a look at the the 2015 show preview for this year's Ecobuild exhibition?

You can take a look at it here and then make time in your diary to support a UK based exhibition and see all the fantastic products, services, innovations and educational resources all available in the same place.

The official show preview includes all the new and innovative features for 2015, full list of exhibitors, the seminar and conference programme and speaker line-up to help you plan your visit!

Don't forget our consultants will also be at the show every day, so if you are looking for a career change, contact us on 01480 405225 to arrange an appointment or email us here.

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Meet us at Ecobuild 2015 to discuss your career

Ecobuild, one of the best trade exhibitions in the building and construction industry is almost here. So make sure you find the time to visit and catch up with the latest products and developments and enhance your knowledge and contacts.

You can also meet up with one of our specialist building industry recruitment consultants, who will be attending the show on each day.

So if you would like to discuss your future career opportunities or if you are a company looking to recruit and are able to take sometime out to discuss your needs, then contact us to arrange a confidential meeting on 01480 405225 or by email

3rd - 5th March
ExCeL, London

  • A showcase of sustainable construction products for new build, refurb, commercial and domestic buildings split into two zones - Sustainable Design and Construction and Energy
  • Two conference arenas delivering three streams - Design, Delivering Sustainable Buildings – Construction and Energy and The Future Of The Global Built Environment
  • Seven seminar streams; Green Energy, Design, Building Performance, BIM, Water, Refurbishment and Solar
  • Great ideas, innovative solutions, practical advice with dozens of inspiring and interactive features on the show floor
Pinnacle Consulting - recruitment for the building products sector
If you would like a change in your career within the building and construction industry, contact us to discuss your career on 01480 405225 or take a look at our latest construction and building products jobs.

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Sales of Construction Products continue to grow says new CPA survey

Manufacturers of construction products saw sales rise at the end of 2014 according to the Construction Products Association (CPA).

The CPA’s latest State of Trade Survey for the fourth quarter of 2014 showed that sales continued to grow, driven by an increase in exports and falling fuel costs.

A further increase in sales is expected for 2015 with an increased demand from overseas markets anticipated.

During the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2014 44% of heavy side firms and 87% of light side firms reported that sales rose. Additionally, 61% of heavy side product manufacturers and 60% of light side product manufacturers reported that they anticipate sales rising over the coming year.

The report also showed 33% of firms on both the heavy and lightside reported that costs rose in Q4 compared with a year earlier.

Fuel costs fell for 61% of heavy side firms and 20% of lightside firms, to the lowest balance recorded in the survey.

Survey respondents also reported an increase in exports during Q4 with 18% of heavy side manufacturers and 25% of light side firms reporting an increase. Optimism amongst manufacturers was further highlighted with 50% of heavy side firms and 70% of light side firms anticipating a rise in exports during 2015.

Rebecca Larkin, economist, Construction Products Association said:  “The latest survey results reflect the fact that the recovery in construction is broadening from private housing to commercial, industrial and infrastructure.  Growth in sales of construction products was reported by both heavy side and light side manufacturers, suggesting increased activity at all stages of the building process.

“Sales growth in Q4 was also supported by favourable exchange rate conditions, which helped drive external demand from outside the Eurozone.  Furthermore, against this backdrop, more than half of heavy and light side manufacturers anticipate exports will continue to rise over the next 12 months.

“Firms also increased their headcount in the year to Q4 in response to these higher sales and reflecting the positive outlook going forward. Hiring intentions for the coming 12 months remain strong: 61% of heavy side firms and 40% of light side firms plan to increase employment in 2015.

“In addition to rising demand, manufacturers’ optimism was no doubt boosted by receding cost pressures. The downward shift in global oil prices reduced fuel costs for the majority (61%) of heavy side firms in Q4, the first negative balance recorded in the survey.”

For the latest Construction Sales Jobs: Search here.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Job in Focus: Sales Management role for uPVC Windows and Doors with £90k OTE

Our latest Job in Focus is fantastic Regional Sales Director's role in the South East for uPVC Windows and Doors. You would be responsible for sales and specification in New Build Applications.

Each month our Construction and Building Industry Job in Focus feature takes a detailed look at some of the fantastic sales and marketing construction and building materials job vacancies currently on our books. Job in Focus is also promoted on our website. 

Job Title:
Regional Sales Director

Job Ref: J5181
Product: Windows
Location: London & South East
Salary: £65k

Our client are a major manufacturer of high performance uPVC Windows, Doors and Hardware, targeted specifically at New Build applications. The company have a fantastic reputation for quality, offering an innovative range of products tailored to the specific needs and performance standards of Developers and Social Housing Providers. 

JOB DESCRIPTION: Regional Sales Director - Unique opportunity to take ownership of a key regional business unit, proactively establishing business in the London and South East region, targeting key Regional and Major national volume Housebuilders. The role will initially focus on developing sustainable business relationships, identifying project and site builds and generating sales and specification. The role will also include management of the Sales, commercial, technical and operations teams. 

LOCATION: South East - London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Herts, Beds, Bucks, Berks, Surrey, Essex, Oxfordshire. 

CANDIDATE: We are looking for high calibre proven sales management professionals, you will have existing experience in field sales management, leading and managing a team of field based sales professionals. In addition you will have extensive, proven track record in delivering sales within the New Build sector. Ideally you will have current, strong network of contacts with key national volume housebuilders. In terms of industry background, this role will be best suited to candidates from Windows, Doors, Roofing or related exterior building products. 

PACKAGE: On offer is a negotiable basic salary £55,000-£65,000 + Superb OTE of £80,000 - £90,000 + Company Car + Excellent secondary benefits 

For further information or to discuss your career options contact Steve Brennan on 01480 405225 or apply online.

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Construction Empire Strikes Back....

The UK construction sector strikes back with a positive start to the year as new data shows that output and new business growth rebounded from the slightly disappointing figures seen in December.

At 59.1 in January, up from 57.6 in December, the seasonally adjusted Markit/CIPS UK Construction Purchasing Managers' Index® (PMI® ) pointed to a robust and accelerated expansion of overall business activity at the start of 2015. 

The index has registered above the neutral 50 threshold for 21 months running, although the latest reading was the still second-lowest seen since September 2013. 

All three broad areas of construction activity picked up since December, but in each case the rate of expansion was weaker than the peaks seen in 2014. 

Tim Moore, senior economist at Markit and author of the Markit/CIPS Construction PMI®, said: "UK construction companies have found their feet again after a protracted slowdown in output growth at the end of 2014. Stronger trends were recorded across housing, commercial and civil engineering, although each category of activity still experienced much slower growth than the high-water marks achieved last year. 

"In short, the peak speed of the construction recovery seems to be over, but reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. 

"Expectations in relation to output growth over the next 12 months remained close to December's low, contributing to a further slowdown in construction sector job creation during January. However, skill shortages persisted at the start of the year, with construction companies indicating that subcontractor charges increased at a near surveyrecord pace. 

"Strong demand for construction materials resulted in upward pressure on costs and lengthening delivery times from suppliers in January. That said, the latest survey highlighted that lower fuel and energy prices helped drive down overall cost inflation to its lowest for just under two years." 

At Pinnacle Consulting we have seen a record number of sales and marketing construction job opportunities on our books since the start of the year. Take a look here.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Find out WHY we support Badger Ward at GOSH

If you have been wondering why we have been promoting the GOSH Charity and specifically the much needed funds required for Badger Ward so much, you should spare a few moments to look at the below video. 

Although this video was created in support of a British Gas initiative to help Badger Ward, it sums up everything you need to know.

Steve Rogan, our Managing Director's nephew suffers from Cystic Fibrosis receives amazing care their and Tom (Steve's nephew) and his mum are featured in the video.

Please watch and please sponsor me in the Cambridge Half Marathon here. Any sponsorship is gratefully received. Thank you again to Ridgeons for sponsoring my kit

What is Cystic Fibrosis?
Cystic Fibrosis is a life shortening, inherited disease, affecting over 10,000 people in the UK, for which there is currently no cure.

The lungs and digestive system become clogged with mucus, making it hard to breathe and digest food.

Each week five babies are born with Cystic Fibrosis and two people die.  There are many treatments now available to help those who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis, making it even more important to support hospitals such as Great Ormond Street, where their Respiratory Ward and Team do such marvellous work in helping children who suffer from this horrible disease.

Friday, 13 February 2015

From Upton Park to Cambridge via the Emirates

The road to Cambridge for my half-marathon in support of GOSH continues, as I completed my run five times around Upton Park on Thursday (12th). 

It was quite emotional visiting the ground where I was a season ticket holder from the late 80s until 2010, especially as in 18 months' time the ground will be closed forever.

Next stop is the same but at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, then finally it is the big day on 8th March and the Cambridge half-marathon.

Remember to sponsor me here and help raise much needed funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Find out more about why I ran round Upton Park and why the Emirates is next here.

West Ham and England fans can also bid to win for a signed copy of legend, Martin Peters' autobiography here. Martin Peters will be best remembered as a vital member of England's Word Cup winning team of 1966. 

Martin Peters
Martin has recently been announced as the third recipient of the West Ham's Lifetime Achievement Award. The 1966 World Cup winner will be honoured at the annual Player Awards brought to you by Betway and in aid of the Academy, which this year take place on Wednesday 6 May at the London Hilton on Park Lane.

71-year-old Peters came through the famed Academy at West Ham to play a pivotal role in the golden period of the 1960s, even though he missed out on an involvement in the 1964 FA Cup winning effort. The following year he played a full role as the Hammers lifted the European Cup Winners' Cup and then returned to Wembley a year later to win the World Cup with England.

He would go on to score exactly 100 goals for the Hammers in 364 appearances - a fine record for a midfielder - before enjoying further success with Tottenham Hotspur and Norwich City, ending a remarkable 22-year professional career with Sheffield United.

The complete midfielder, Peters' versatility was such that he played in every position for the Hammers - including in goal when replacing the injured Brian Rhodes in just his third game for the Club.

Born in Plaistow on 8 November 1943, Peters came through the ranks at his local Club to sign as an apprentice under manager Ted Fenton in 1959.

He would make his first team debut on Good Friday 1962 in a 4-1 home victory against Cardiff City. Peters' first goal for the Club would follow in September of that year.
Peters made 36 League appearances in 1962/63 and 32 in 1963/64, but would not be involved as the Hammers won their first FA Cup that year. He would not miss out twelve months later as West Ham defeated TSV 1860 Munich to win the European Cup Winners' Cup.

A further chance for Hammers silverware arrived in 1966 when they reached the League Cup final, in those days played over two legs. Peters scored in the second game, but West Bromwich Albion triumphed 5-3 on aggregate. However, Peters, Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst bounced back from that disappointment to lead England to World Cup glory.
The 1968/69 season would be Peters' most prolific for the Hammers, as he knocked in 24 goals from 48 matches, and a year later he was on the move to north London, as Tottenham Hotspur paid £200,000 for his services. Never mind...

In total he made 882 appearances in professional football, scoring 220 goals and adding a further 20 to that in 67 England caps.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Why do you love the building and construction industry?

It is fast approaching St. Valentine's Day and if the building and construction industry is one of your loves, then it is time to tell us why you love working in it.

We think it is the best industry in the world...ok, perhaps on reflection, the music and film industries or being a global sports star might win by a short head, but if you take a closer look, you realise just how unique the building and construction industry is. 

The industry, and associated trades, offers something deeper, as it combines your personal and professional life. It also allows the opportunity to encompass a diverse range of skills and interests. 

If you ever need to convince someone why our industry is so unique or special and to work in, here are a few reasons:

We can always relate to the product
People often say that they cannot relate to their job or have no interest in the product or service they’re selling, producing or installing. In our industry we can, as there is always something that we are able to relate to or have an opinion on as we use, see, like and desire products and concepts that are directly related to our trade every day of our lives.

We live at work, socialise at work and holiday at work!
We all live or work in buildings, go to the pub or a restaurant, visit a football stadium or stay at hotels. The common theme between them all is that our industry will have been involved in their construction, fit-out or refurbishment in one form or another. It also gives us an immense sense of pride if we see permanent examples of our efforts on our travels; how good is it to see something and say, “I developed/specified/promoted/sold or installed that”?

Our personal interests combine with our work interests
How many times have you seen something away from work that helps you in your work because you are interested in how it could help make your life better?

We can actually make a difference to people and the world!
Our industry can save people money, make people feel more comfortable, keep people clean and warm and make life simpler. Ultimately we are helping ourselves in our private lives through our day job.

More than any other industry, our decisions, lobbying, innovation, ideas and products have a direct impact on our environment and desire for a more sustainable and healthier world. Where else can you add ‘Save the world’ on the daily ‘to do’ list?

It encourages creativity
It provides an opportunity to develop your creative side, your practical side, your cost-cutting side or your extravagant side. You can use your innovational instinct, your common sense or your engineering skills with stunning effect.

It offers complete variety
The industry is wide-ranging from building products, heating, ventilation and plumbing through to paint, interiors, appliances, tools and fixtures and fittings.

You can always find something that you can feel an affinity with or, of course, you can be involved in distribution or retail and cover them all!

On the other side of the industry there is the actual building design and construction, combining to make the complete industry, bringing people together from all walks of life.

There are roles in all the main job functions to choose from and opportunities to travel to broaden your life experience. There are very few industries that can offer something that, on some level, everyone can relate too.

It goes to show that by looking under the surface you can get a more fundamental understanding of why we are dedicated to our jobs. If you strip down the layers, the reason that the industry is so unique is because, to a certain extent, it underpins our personal life.

So, perhaps a Steward’s Enquiry should be called? Where would all the film stars, movie stars and sports stars be without the wonderful film sets, stages and sports arenas we have designed, built, supplied, installed and furnished for them? Our industry really is the best industry in the world to work in!

Let us know why you love working in the industry. We'd love to hear from you...

Please have a look at our latest sales and marketing jobs in the UK building and construction industry.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Attention West Ham & England fans: Your chance to own a signed copy of Martin Peters' autobiography. All proceeds going to GOSH.

Attention all West Ham and England fans. Your chance to own a copy of the West Ham and England legend, Martin Peters' autobiography signed by the man himself. All proceeds will be going towards Great Ormond Street Hospital and much needed funds for the Badger Ward.

A product of the West Ham youth system, Martin was part of the exciting West Ham team of the 1960s winning the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1965. 

However, his crowning glory came in a hot day in 1966 when he scored one of the goals in England's only World Cup victory. 


This signed book is a very special item to own and is in mint condition and will surely increase in value as time passes and even more appreciation of the Boys of '66 is gained.

This book may also be of interest to Spurs and Norwich supporters.

Money raised by this auction will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, but you can make a donation here too, even if you don't win or want the book.  This is part of the following initiative...

Pinnacle Consulting and Ridgeons are joining forces at the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon on 8th March 2015 to raise vital funds for the Badger Ward at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. 

Chris Atkinson of Pinnacle Consulting is determined to complete the half marathon and not let the early morning training, aching limbs, and blisters stop him! Ridgeons are helping him look professional by sponsoring his running kit. 

Steve Rogan, Managing Director of Pinnacle Consulting, is a keen supporter of Great Ormond Street Hospital. His nephew Tom suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and receives amazing care there.


Chris Atkinson, who is responsible for Pinnacle’s marketing, hopes to draw attention to the cause by enduring just a small fraction of the pain and effort that is endured by the young people who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis and other debilitating respiratory illnesses. He also wants to emphasise how brave those suffering with the disease are and how much time and energy they and their families expend on a daily basis.  

Steve's nephew, Tom, receives incredible care at GOSH and spends much of his time in the Badger Ward. Currently, Badger Ward (the respiratory ward) has thirteen beds which are dedicated to the care of children and young people with complex respiratory conditions.

The Badger Ward has witnessed amazing changes in the care of these patients – many would not have survived 10 years ago; medical advancements have saved and improved the quality of many of their lives. Many children spend a significant number of months on the ward and come back repeatedly throughout their lives – for them it is crucial to have an up-to-date clinical environment. The Badger Ward, which was fine 10 years ago, is now in need of renovation.

More and more technology is being used to keep children like Tom alive - but this new equipment needs to be operated properly and given adequate storage space. Parents also need space to be able to sleep with their children; presently there is not enough room for them to be able to do this.

All monies raised will be going towards the funding of the new respiratory ward. 

Steve Rogan of Pinnacle Consulting said: “It is great to work together with a respected and fellow Cambridgeshire-based company like Ridgeons, to support this cause in our local half-marathon. All monies raised by Chris will be going towards the funding of the new respiratory ward and I know that I speak for all the parents and patients when I say a huge thank you for any funds raised.”

Ann Corbyn, Group HR Director at Ridgeons said: “‘we’re really pleased to be able to support Chris in this half marathon – as a local employer throughout the East of England, we take our role within the local community seriously – we have a charity committee made up of employees and they make the decisions about what types of events to support – we were all keen to help with this challenge as we are aware of the numbers of children within our region that benefit from the expertise at GOSH.”

Laura Savory, Senior Fundraising Manager at Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity commented on the partnership: “We’re so grateful to Pinnacle Consulting and Ridgeons for their generosity and support. The money raised will help to make a huge difference to young patients and families from across the UK who are treated in the Badger Ward.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity raises money to help rebuild and refurbish the hospital, provide vital up-to-date equipment and fund research into better treatments for the children.  Find out more at

Pinnacle Consulting is the one of the UK’s most respected sales and marketing recruitment agencies for manufacturers, distributors and merchants of building products. 01480 405225

Ridgeons is one of the UK’s largest independent Timber and Builders Merchants with 26 locations across the East of England.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Support Great Ormond Street Hospital as I run round Upton Park

The Boleyn Ground
(or Upton Park to most)
In just under a month, I am undertaking my first ever half-marathon, I am filled with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. However, the cause is a great one, as the money raised will be going to Great Ormond Street Hospital and specifically towards much needed funds for the Badger Ward (their respiratory ward). 

In order to make my training a little more fun, I am running at a couple of places with a little more interest than the normal long dull roads, and also places related to the building and construction industry.

The cause has been selected because our Managing Director, Steve Rogan, is a keen supporter of Great Ormond Street Hospital, mainly because his nephew Tom suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and receives amazing care there. Steve and his nephew are huge Arsenal supporters and one of the ideas was to run around the perimeter of the Emirates Stadium a few times in an Arsenal shirt. That might sound a good idea to some...

However, I am a West Ham supporter, so it is not the most appealing of ideas! But in the spirit of raising money, you have to put yourself through pain, so I have agreed to do this. There was one stipulation though...that I did the same at West Ham in a West Ham shirt.

This Thursday (12th Feb.) I am running five times round the outside of the famous Boleyn Ground, as part of my training, and for awareness of the cause. 

The Boleyn was constructed in 1904 and designed by architect Henri Pillipe Tiite Parker. The Hammers are set to move to one of the world's most high profile construction projects, the Olympic Stadium, for the start of the 2016-2017 season. 

I would be very grateful if you could make a donation towards this worthy cause:

Donate here

To tie in with the West Ham theme, there will be an opportunity to bid for a couple of items of West Ham merchandise/memorabilia and all proceeds will be donated to the cause. Item 1: A signed copy of Martin Peters autobiography...details here.

More details on the Arsenal adventure will be revealed soon, once I have managed to finalise my new latex face for the day!

Chris Atkinson

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Job in Focus for Feb: Specification Sales role for Bathroom Products in South

Our latest Job in Focus is a Specification Sales role responsible for the South of England and working in conjunction with your Northern counterpart. The role is in the bathroom and heating sector and you'd be responsible to drive specifications with Local Authorities and House Associations.  The business would be out through National Merchants.

Each month our Construction and Building Industry Job in Focus feature takes a detailed look at some of the fantastic sales and marketing construction and building materials job vacancies currently on our books. Job in Focus is also promoted on our website. 

Job Title: National Specification Manager
Product: Bathroom Products
Location: South
Salary: £52k
Sector: Management

Our Client are a market leading Bathroom / Heating product manufacturer with a superb reputation and a long established history in this sector. 

JOB DESCRIPTION: They are now looking to recruit a new National Specification Manager to take control of developing their specification business. This person will be tasked with gaining secure specifications predominantly with Local Authorities & Housing Associations plus some Private House Builders. This will include both new build projects and refurbishment programmes. They will also work closely with Contract Offices within the National Merchants to ensure a smooth supply chain, gaining leads and chasing project opportunities. This person is likely to spend the majority of their time in the Southern half of the UK, working closely with a counterpart in the North. 

LOCATION: South - ideally living Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, London, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire etc 

CANDIDATE: We are looking for high calibre candidates who can demonstrate a clear track record of success gaining secure specifications within the Local Authority & Housing Association sector with strong contacts and a structured, organised work ethic. Product knowledge is not important but clearly an understanding of Heating, Plumbing, Bathrooms, Kitchens etc would be an advantage. 

PACKAGE: On offer is a basic salary likely to be between £42k - £52k plus excellent bonus scheme, quality car and all the normal benefits associated with a position of this seniority. 
Please contact Colin Hoy for more information or a confidential discussion on 01480 405225 or apply online.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Building Industry Career Development Clinics for Sales Professionals (Feb 2015)

The start to the year has been our busiest ever with loads of exciting sales or marketing job in the construction industry to be filled, so if you are looking to make a move and need an evaluation of your career, you should arrange to attend our FREE PinBuild Career Development Clinics this February.

PinBuild Clinics are for sales and marketing professionals in the construction and building products sector, providing specialist career advice and a match to the latest construction sales vacancies.

Call us and arrange to meet one of our expert construction industry consultants on 01480 405225 or contact us via to secure your booking e-mail

Next clinic dates
  • Wednesday 4th February, Leeds
  • Wednesday 11th February Warrington
  • Wednesday 18th February, Notts/Derby
  • Wednesday 25th February, Crawley
Our current jobs: You might find one you'd like to discuss: Search for building and construction products sales jobs

PinBuild Clinics will evaluate the job seeker’s career to date and identify the best opportunities available. The clinics provide professionals with expert advice on how to progress their career by discussing the industry sectors that have potential for growth, the skills and focus needed to ensure that they develop with the changing nature of the market and how to ensure that their career continues to progress rather than stagnating.

The clinics will also assist those that attend to map out a realistic and achievable career path, including any potential training requirements. Assistance will also be given to evaluate their CV and also their interview technique and where they should focus to ensure they realise their true potential in the building and construction industry.

We specialise in external and internal sales positions, marketing and management roles and director and board appointments with manufacturers, merchants or distributors across the whole building, construction and interiors product spectrum.

Take some time out to read about CRASH the construction industry's charity for homeless people and one of our industry partners for our charity initiative 'Helping others as you recruit.'