Saturday, 30 June 2012

BMF’s membership soars after restructure

Merchants have reacted favorably to the recent restructuring of the BMF after the federation simplified subscription rates and restructured their service to focus more heavily on business support, lobbying and training to ensure that they are more relevant to the needs of the market.

BMF chairman, Terry Parker said: "Supporting our members is our top priority and in the current climate, reducing the overall cost of BMF membership while retaining the services they most valued was central to our new strategy.

"We hoped that making membership more affordable would encourage both past members and new companies to become part of the BMF and the immediate response is very encouraging."

With many merchants rejoining after a long absence and many brand new merchants joining, the federation is again becoming a vital part of the industry and a resource that offers both value for money as well as relevant services.

As the merchant market continues to grow in importance through its commitment to be at the forefront of new technologies and sustainability, it is encouraging to see the BMF moving in the same direction and supporting its members to achieve this.

To find out more about the BMF and their recent changes and their vision for the future, please visit

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

6 reasons why the building industry is the best industry in the world!

Perhaps, on reflection the music and film industries or being a global sports star might win by a short head, but if you take a closer look, you realise just how unique the building industry is. The industry, and associated trades, offers something deeper, as it combines your personal and professional life. It also allows the opportunity to encompass a diverse range of skills and interests. 

If you ever need to convince someone why our industry is so unique or special, here are a few reasons:

We can always relate to the product
People often say that they cannot relate to their job or have no interest in the product or service they’re selling, producing or installing. In our industry we can, as there is always something that we are able to relate to or have an opinion on as we use, see, like and desire products and concepts that are directly related to our trade every day of our lives.

We live at work, socialise at work and holiday at work!
We all live or work in buildings, go to the pub or a restaurant, visit a football stadium or stay at hotels. The common theme between them all is that our industry will have been involved in their construction, fit-out or refurbishment in one form or another. It also gives us an immense sense of pride if we see permanent examples of our efforts on our travels; how good is it to see something and say, “I developed/specified/promoted/sold or installed that”?

Our personal interests combine with our work interests
How many times have you seen something away from work that helps you in your work because you are interested in how it could help make your life better?

We can actually make a difference to people and the world!
Our industry can save people money, make people feel more comfortable, keep people clean and warm and make life simpler. Ultimately we are helping ourselves in our private lives through our day job.

More than any other industry, our decisions, lobbying, innovation, ideas and products have a direct impact on our environment and desire for a more sustainable and healthier world. Where else can you add ‘Save the world’ on the daily ‘to do’ list?

It encourages creativity
It provides an opportunity to develop your creative side, your practical side, your cost-cutting side or your extravagant side. You can use your innovational instinct, your common sense or your engineering skills with stunning effect.

It offers complete variety
The industry is wide-ranging from building products, heating, ventilation and plumbing through to paint, interiors, appliances, tools and fixtures and fittings.

You can always find something that you can feel an affinity with or, of course, you can be involved in distribution or retail and cover them all!

On the other side of the industry there is the actual building design and construction, combining to make the complete industry, bringing people together from all walks of life.

There are roles in all the main job functions to choose from and opportunities to travel to broaden your life experience. There are very few industries that can offer something that, on some level, everyone can relate too.

It goes to show that by looking under the surface you can get a more fundamental understanding of why we are dedicated to our jobs. If you strip down the layers, the reason that the industry is so unique is because, to a certain extent, it underpins our personal life.

So, perhaps a Steward’s Enquiry should be called? Where would all the film stars, movie stars and sports stars be without the wonderful film sets, stages and sports arenas we have designed, built, supplied, installed and furnished for them? Our industry really is the best industry in the world to work in!

Let us know what you think of working in the industry. We'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Poll: In which area are you looking to recruit?

A recession is never a good thing, but this is especially the case for the building products and construction sector - as it is usually one of the first to suffer. However, one good thing that does happen is that is forces companies to adopt a more considered approach to their recruitment policy.

It is more important than ever to make the right decision on which person to hire and the discipline on which to focus a recruitment drive. We would like to find out in which area you are looking to recruit to ensure that you maximise your business during the recession and come out of it stronger than your competition.

Field Sales

High-impact positions are often targeted, such as, field sales roles as they are vital to ensure that you secure every bit of business out there, but should you be focusing on standard ‘Account Sales‘ or on ‘Specification Sales’ with its possible more lucrative long-term benefit? Getting the balance between the long and short-term view can be an important and difficult call to make.

On the negative side, is there enough business in your market to justify increasing your sales team?

Internal Sales
Some companies are enhancing their internal sales team to reduce costs associated with meeting customers, such as: cars, mobile phones and other expenses. Their aim is to ensure that customers are still regularly contacted and that any visit needed is justified and more likely to lead to a potential sale. However, some consider that this can reduce confidence levels with customers.

Marketing / Product Development
These are often the areas that get hit first in a recession, when actually they should be the key areas to support and focus on. Investment in these areas will help ensure that product differentiation is clear, making sales jobs easier; the future of the company is assured as new products and services that meet the changing needs and regulations of the market are introduced on a product road map. However, are companies brave enough to invest in these areas?

Retraining Option
We have found that people are much more busy in their roles, as they have been given extra duties to maximise their value - this often means buyers have less time to see sales people and relationships become more difficult to build. Many companies are also retraining staff to meet the needs of the company and the opportunities that are out there.

Of course, it is not always that simple and some companies just have to get on with it the best they can, those who survive are often those with the best and most adaptable employees in the first place. The key thing to remember is: your recruitment policy affects you even when you are not in recruitment mode.

We look forward to your vote and comments. 

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Latest housing figures from the HBF

Some positive news from the the Home Builders' Federation Pipeline report this month, which has revealed that planning permissions have increased 10% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2012 with a 33% increase on the previous quarter. 

The full details show that in Quarter 1 2012, 36,761 English homes were granted approval against 27,732 in Quarter 4 2012, and 33,450 in Quarter 1 2011.

The results confirm a significant increase for private approvals with 31,078 approvals - a 37% rise on Quarter 4 2011 and an 18% increase on Quarter 1 2011.

On the negative side, social housing approvals have suffered during Quarter 1 to 4,313 which is a disappointing 28% reduction on 12 months earlier.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Building Industry Diary of Events

The Pin Board blog is full of useful information to assist you in your job search or just to help make your current job easier.

Visiting trade shows or attending trade events is often the best way to network or to see how companies present themselves. They are an ideal opportunity to keep informed of the latest products or trends that affect your sector.

Visit our Building Trade Events Diary page for details of the key trade events - all in one place and simply categorised, in date order, with links for further information. We update this page every month so that it is always current. Bookmark the page today.

If you are looking for a new opportunity in the industry, take a look at our UK wide building product industry jobs or call us on 01480 405225.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Featured building and construction industry jobs for June

We have some fantastic opportunities this month in field sales, marketing, management and internal sales. Sectors include; heating and plumbing, paint, construction products, merchants and bathroom products.

See below for full details.