Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BMF, NMBS and Unimer strike deal to encourage smaller businesses to trade electronically

We are always pleased to report initiatives that help those in the industry to develop and encourage growth by making trading easier and accessible to all. The new joint initiative by the Builders’ Merchants Federation, National Merchant Buying Society and United Merchants has removed a major barrier to the expansion of electronic trading in the building materials distribution sector. 

They have negotiated an agency arrangement which provides internationally recognised GS1 Global Location Numbers (GLNs) to UK builders' merchants and building material manufacturers and suppliers at a greatly reduced cost.

GLNs are an essential element of electronic trading, acting like a post code to identify specific business locations and improve the efficiency of communications between trading partners for EDI ordering, delivery and invoicing.

Under the GS1 GLN global standard, every number allocated is unique worldwide and there are over 100 international issuing bodies.

This has allowed BMF, NMBS and UNIMER to negotiate the best terms to encourage smaller businesses within the UK building materials distribution sector to adopt electronic trading practices.

GLNs will be available to subscribing companies and each will be allocated their own unique company registration number, the 13-digit identification coding used by the GLN system will then allow up to 99 separate location codes linked to that company registration.

This will be sufficient for most multi-site independent merchants and those wishing to separate heavyside and lightside ordering, delivery and invoicing.

Said BMF secretary, Peter Matthews: "We recognise that it is important for the sector to use the international GS1 GLN standard, but valid GNS can be supplied by GS1 offices throughout the world. We investigated the options and considered a number of providers before deciding to work with GS1 Malta.

"We now have a joint agency agreement with them, whereby we take on part of administration. This enables us to provide individual GLNs at a price below that available to individual companies."

Said Chris Hayward, managing director of NMBS: "We have been working with BMF and United Merchants for several years on a number of initiatives promoting EDI within our sector and chipping away at the barriers to entry – essentially, ease of use and cost. For many smaller companies the fact that we now offer a low cost, entry level GLN will mean that for the first time, they can seriously consider adopting electronic trading."

Added Howard Grant, managing director of Unimer: "Comparing GS1 bodies worldwide allowed us to develop a flexible costing structure that is far more appropriate to many of the companies in our sector. There is no doubt that EDI can help to speed transactions, improve accuracy and reduce overheads, and this lower cost model should encourage more businesses to get on board."

For more information merchants should contact Peter Matthews at the BMF.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rockwool Joins Green Deal Finance Company

Green deal
Rockwool UK, the stonewool insulation manufacturer, has joined the consortium of organisations that make up The Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC). 

The GDFC is made-up of private sector organisations, local authorities and finance specialists and has been established as a not-for-profit company to provide access to cheap finance for homeowners and businesses which are looking to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through the Government's Green Deal programme.

This flagship environmental initiative is due to be launched in October and the Government hopes it will usher in the biggest home improvement programme since the Second World War.

Home and business owners and landlords will be encouraged to make energy efficiency improvements to their buildings and to cut their carbon footprint and running costs at no up-front-cost by accessing low-cost loans which are then repaid via their energy bills.

Rockwool joins a consortium of leading organisations on the Green Deal Finance Company consortium.

Rockwool managing director Thomas Heldgaard stated: "We are delighted to join The Green Deal Finance Company and to play our part in helping to finance the Green Deal home improvement revolution.

"Rockwool has played a key role in helping to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the running costs of homes in the UK, providing insulation as part of the CESP and CERT schemes that were the predecessors to the Green Deal. We believe the Green Deal has the potential to make a significant contribution to the UK's efforts to reduce energy costs and to cut the carbon footprint of homes and business premises and we look forward to working with the other consortium members to make this a reality."

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Friday, 18 May 2012

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Wolseley sell Bathstore

Wolseley has been very active recently with the refocusing of the group after the sale of Encon and Build Center. They are now concentrating on their core business. This has resulted in the refurbishment of their branches and the introduction of new stock ranges and information resources for their customers in store.

Last week Wolseley UK announced that it is selling its Bathstore business to Endless LLP with immediate effect. Bathstore has 169 stores across the UK.

Wolseley UK managing director Steve Ashmore said of the sale: "Wolseley has taken a strategic view in deciding to sell Bathstore. We believe it is a positive move for Bathstore and its employees and offers the best way forward for them, with an owner that is fully focused on the High Street retail market.

"It is also a positive move for Wolseley going forward as we can concentrate entirely on our core businesses, delivering growth by providing exceptional service and access to our products through a range of channels, including our branch network and online."

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Poll: Will the summer of sport affect the building products industry?

Building product sales jobs
To many companies in the building industry, the Olympics have been a shining light (or torch!) in the darkness of recession, but now with the games only a couple of months away, will the positive glow be diminished?

Just when it needs a timely boost the Olympics, combined with a hectic summer of sport, could have an adverse affect on the industry. Is there a chance that the industry will come to a standstill and slow the recent progress we have seen, or are there enough opportunities to exploit?

From June to September the summer is packed full of major sporting events - kicking off with the Euro Football Championships in June, quickly followed in July and August by the Olympics, and if you add to that: Wimbledon, the Test Matches and the Ryder Cup, then you can see there is quite a bit to keep people pre-occupied!

Will this result in empty merchants and distributors across the country? Will sales reps decide not to travel to London or stay close to home, ensuring that they are back for their favourite event? Will householders delay refurbishment plans as there will be too many interruptions? Perhaps contractors will work less due to transport chaos and 'other' priorities? Is it also likely that there will be a glut of holiday and sick days across all spectrums of the industry as the excitement of the summer of sport takes hold?

Alternatively, will the mood of the country be boosted, therefore encouraging spending? Morale and work rate could benefit from a home-grown success in any of the events over the summer. Perhaps merchants and distributors will have lots of sport-based promotions to boost sales and develop customer relations? Manufacturers might use the less chaotic time to plan and focus on future strategy. Or perhaps all the corporate and promotional opportunities available might see an increase in the closing of deals for manufacturers, distributors and contractors?

Vote in our poll (POLL NOW CLOSED) and comment on how you think it will affect the industry and what plans you have to benefit from the summer of sport rather than being affected by it?

Yes: 67%
No: 33%

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Our current 'featured' building and construction industry jobs - May

This month we are focusing on some excellent opportunities in coatings, roofing, steel structures, interiors and the bathroom sector. Roles include; Trainee Specification Sales, Contracts Manager, Area Sales Manager, Senior Sales Manager and National Sales Manager.

See below for full details on our featured jobs for May.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Meet us at Greenbuild Expo, Manchester

Sustainability is now very much in the news and with initiatives like the Green Deal focusing on the energy efficiency of British properties, it is more important than ever that we all keep informed of the latest developments. 

The UK's newest sustainable building and refurbishment event is an essential and informative exhibition for the construction industry covering everything from training opportunities and renewable technologies to sustainable materials and legislation updates.

Greenbuild Expo is a an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the issues that the industry faces. It will demonstrate how quickly the sustainability drive is moving and how it is a vital part of your every day job and career development path.

Pinnacle Consulting will also be visiting the show - so why not arrange to meet us for an informal and confidential chat about your career or recruitment requirements.

Call us on 01480 405225 or contact us by email at to make your appointment.

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For more information and to register for your free ticket visit the Greenbuild Expo website.

Greenbuild Expo is at Manchester Central, Manchester between 9th and 10th May 2012.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why do employers make so many poor appointments when they recruit?

Recruitment doesn't always get the attention it deserves as it can be seen as a distraction from the "more important" day-to-day running of the business. Selecting the right person is vital for the future success of a company, so why do many companies not invest enough time in this process and then end up with the wrong person?

Lack of time spent understanding what is expected of the candidate
If the employer does not really know this, then how can the candidate? And how can they be expected to achieve the goals set? Time spent getting this right at the outset, with a clear and considered understanding of their duties, responsibilities and goals, will focus the mind of the employer on what they really need and, therefore, attract the most suitable people.

Ability to find suitable candidates
Companies can often have real difficulty in finding the right person, or have not got the time and expertise to search. Recruiting is a full-time job, requires specific skills and knowledge, as well as a long-term approach in order to reap the rewards. It is vital that an employer doesn't fill a position with the best of a bad bunch, crossing their fingers that it will work out - it usually doesn’t.

Thinking that the ‘appointment’ is the end of the process
It is important to remember that there is rarely an “off the peg, select and forget” solution, even with a candidate that has been poached from a competitor. Employers cannot expect someone to perform miracles immediately, especially if they are just left to their own devices - but the candidate should grow into the "perfect choice". The employer has a responsibility to invest their time to develop the individual - as this is an investment in the company’s future.

Lack of specialist advice
When you consider the lifetime cost of employing someone, you begin to realise how much of an investment an employer is making. Companies shouldn't feel that they have to go it alone - with any other type of investment of this size, expert specialist advice would be sought and the necessary time allocated to the decision-making process.

We can all be experts in our own roles, but try doing someone else’s job for a week - it's tough and you can feel lost. However, when you are working alongside that person in your everyday job, you add real value to each other and success follows. The same should be applied to recruitment: the appointment of a specialist recruitment agency to work with the employer should give real benefits and ensure that they maximise their chances of finding and developing the employee that they deserve.

Pinnacle Consulting is one of the leading UK wide specialist recruitment consultants for the building products industry. We work with merchants, distributors and manufacturers of building products and related trades. If you are looking for someone to offer you expert recruitment services in the building product industry we can help you as we know how important it is to find the right candidate.

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