Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why do employers make so many poor appointments when they recruit?

Recruitment doesn't always get the attention it deserves as it can be seen as a distraction from the "more important" day-to-day running of the business. Selecting the right person is vital for the future success of a company, so why do many companies not invest enough time in this process and then end up with the wrong person?

Lack of time spent understanding what is expected of the candidate
If the employer does not really know this, then how can the candidate? And how can they be expected to achieve the goals set? Time spent getting this right at the outset, with a clear and considered understanding of their duties, responsibilities and goals, will focus the mind of the employer on what they really need and, therefore, attract the most suitable people.

Ability to find suitable candidates
Companies can often have real difficulty in finding the right person, or have not got the time and expertise to search. Recruiting is a full-time job, requires specific skills and knowledge, as well as a long-term approach in order to reap the rewards. It is vital that an employer doesn't fill a position with the best of a bad bunch, crossing their fingers that it will work out - it usually doesn’t.

Thinking that the ‘appointment’ is the end of the process
It is important to remember that there is rarely an “off the peg, select and forget” solution, even with a candidate that has been poached from a competitor. Employers cannot expect someone to perform miracles immediately, especially if they are just left to their own devices - but the candidate should grow into the "perfect choice". The employer has a responsibility to invest their time to develop the individual - as this is an investment in the company’s future.

Lack of specialist advice
When you consider the lifetime cost of employing someone, you begin to realise how much of an investment an employer is making. Companies shouldn't feel that they have to go it alone - with any other type of investment of this size, expert specialist advice would be sought and the necessary time allocated to the decision-making process.

We can all be experts in our own roles, but try doing someone else’s job for a week - it's tough and you can feel lost. However, when you are working alongside that person in your everyday job, you add real value to each other and success follows. The same should be applied to recruitment: the appointment of a specialist recruitment agency to work with the employer should give real benefits and ensure that they maximise their chances of finding and developing the employee that they deserve.

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  1. They over complicate the role and products that are offered - "not sold it before" - phew!! "I need someone who can hit the ground running and with experience"!!!! - How about looking for a really good salesman who; if the product is right, the market positioning is right and he knows what he is talking about (training offered??) – can sell anything

    Interviewing is completely non structured with very very little preparation by the interviewer beforehand. Some come into the interview and give the impression that they have broken into their day and just picked the CV up a few minutes previously – agencies however excepted. - "talk me through your CV" - then the knit picking and doubting begins

    I hardly ever been asked “ why did you decide to take the route that you did in your successes” (etc,etc) or “what have you learned from a mistake you have made and how are you applying it to your current role”

    They seem to concentrate on candidates that are on the merry go round of going from one to another throughout their career

    Most opportunities are offered through several recruiters simultaneously demeaning the role in a way before it has started

    By not offering retained opportunities to recruiters most manufacturers hide their identity within the job advert and just add to the candidate’s sceptism