Thursday, 10 May 2012

Poll: Will the summer of sport affect the building products industry?

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To many companies in the building industry, the Olympics have been a shining light (or torch!) in the darkness of recession, but now with the games only a couple of months away, will the positive glow be diminished?

Just when it needs a timely boost the Olympics, combined with a hectic summer of sport, could have an adverse affect on the industry. Is there a chance that the industry will come to a standstill and slow the recent progress we have seen, or are there enough opportunities to exploit?

From June to September the summer is packed full of major sporting events - kicking off with the Euro Football Championships in June, quickly followed in July and August by the Olympics, and if you add to that: Wimbledon, the Test Matches and the Ryder Cup, then you can see there is quite a bit to keep people pre-occupied!

Will this result in empty merchants and distributors across the country? Will sales reps decide not to travel to London or stay close to home, ensuring that they are back for their favourite event? Will householders delay refurbishment plans as there will be too many interruptions? Perhaps contractors will work less due to transport chaos and 'other' priorities? Is it also likely that there will be a glut of holiday and sick days across all spectrums of the industry as the excitement of the summer of sport takes hold?

Alternatively, will the mood of the country be boosted, therefore encouraging spending? Morale and work rate could benefit from a home-grown success in any of the events over the summer. Perhaps merchants and distributors will have lots of sport-based promotions to boost sales and develop customer relations? Manufacturers might use the less chaotic time to plan and focus on future strategy. Or perhaps all the corporate and promotional opportunities available might see an increase in the closing of deals for manufacturers, distributors and contractors?

Vote in our poll (POLL NOW CLOSED) and comment on how you think it will affect the industry and what plans you have to benefit from the summer of sport rather than being affected by it?

Yes: 67%
No: 33%

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