Saturday, 30 June 2012

BMF’s membership soars after restructure

Merchants have reacted favorably to the recent restructuring of the BMF after the federation simplified subscription rates and restructured their service to focus more heavily on business support, lobbying and training to ensure that they are more relevant to the needs of the market.

BMF chairman, Terry Parker said: "Supporting our members is our top priority and in the current climate, reducing the overall cost of BMF membership while retaining the services they most valued was central to our new strategy.

"We hoped that making membership more affordable would encourage both past members and new companies to become part of the BMF and the immediate response is very encouraging."

With many merchants rejoining after a long absence and many brand new merchants joining, the federation is again becoming a vital part of the industry and a resource that offers both value for money as well as relevant services.

As the merchant market continues to grow in importance through its commitment to be at the forefront of new technologies and sustainability, it is encouraging to see the BMF moving in the same direction and supporting its members to achieve this.

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