Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Marketing is Key for Construction Product Manufacturers

Effective marketing is vital to successfully build brands and to increase product adoption and sales. Those in construction marketing jobs should provide manufacturers, distributors and merchants in the building products industry with the insight to help gain competitive advantage and to deliver their business objectives.

Marketing and Sales should be inextricably linked. Marketing teams should always support construction sales professionals as it is the foundation on which successful sales can be built. It should also provide resources and commercial direction, based on thorough research, knowledge and market understanding to the company.

Construction marketers are involved in developing integrated strategies for architects, specifiers, contractors, sub-contractors, householders and other users and decision-makers within the supply chain.

As part of a marketing team, one of the main goals should be to provide clear product positioning. This helps so both specifiers and end-users understand your message and why they should buy or use your product instead of your competitor’s. Equally crucial is communicating the quality and relevance of the support, which backs up your products.

With the construction industry continuing to focus on sustainability and the tightening of building regulations, specifiers are beginning to look at product benefits on site and factors such as lifetime building operating costs and durability, rather than just purchase price. Astute marketers will exploit these opportunities to get their message across. 

When looking to build successful sales teams, it is vital to have marketing support and direction working in the background and with them - don't expect sales to work miracles on their own.

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