Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sales Career Advice: Selling and marketing to the independent trades

Next week, we will be discussing how the KBB industry should be supporting the independent bathroom showrooms. In advance of this feature, you might be interested in catching up on our previous interviews published as part of a series on selling to the independent trades within the building industry.

In the overall sales and marketing strategy of a building products’ manufacturer or stockist, small independent builders and tradespeople may not appear to be that important. As a collective, however, they are a vital audience to reach and should form a key part of most companies’ strategy. 

So, what makes them stay loyal? How do they become aware of a new product or a change in legislation? What support and information do they need to help them in their jobs? What is the best way to communicate with them?  How can you maximise their effectiveness as part of your sales strategy?

These and many other questions should be asked by manufacturers, distributors and merchants of building products when they are developing their sales and marketing plans. 

To get some answers, we have gone straight to the people who know - the small tradespeople themselves. Find out what they said.

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