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Jobs market: 8% growth in new opportunities during Q1 2013 compared to 2012

The Reed Job Index provides an excellent indication of the overall demand for jobs throughout the country.

Pin Board is pleased to learn that figures released for March 2013 show a 10% rise in new job opportunities compared to the same month in 2012, with the Reed Job Index achieving a record 156 points, its highest level since the index began in December 2009.

The first quarter of 2013 saw an 8% rise in vacancies available compared with the same quarter in 2012. This is very encouraging news.

Job demand
Overall demand for staff increased in March, with a one point rise across the UK compared to February. The index now stands at 156, 10% higher than March 2012 and one point higher than the previous best month, February 2013.

This positive trend is apparent across a significant majority of sectors, with 28 of the 34 industries analysed showing positive year-on-year growth. Sectors with relevance to jobs in the construction and building materials industry and sales & marketing professionals are all showing good to excellent signs of growth.

The Reed Job Index grew in 11 out of the 12 areas analysed on an annual basis. Scotland recorded the strongest growth year on year growth, followed by the West Midlands and the North West.

James Reed, Chairman of Reed, says:
“Commentators could be forgiven for expecting the jobs market to fall back slightly after
taking such a significant and encouraging upward turn in February, but our March figures
show there has been a clear and continuing trend for growth throughout the first quarter of
2013. There has been a very significant 10% increase in the number of jobs available
compared with this time last year.

“The employment allowance announced in the budget is an additional fillip that will
hopefully encourage still more employers to hire.”

Steve Rogan, Managing Director of Pinnacle Consulting, commented:

"We are delighted that the Reed Job Index is indicating growth across many sectors, including the construction industry and for sales and marketing professionals. The building materials industry is beginning to look more positive, confirmed by recent industry market research and feedback from many of our clients, who are feeling more confident to invest in hiring for new positions.

"However, with the market far from stable, it is even more important that companies find the right person when they recruit and those looking for a new job make the right move for their career".

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