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Roofing sector looks forward to growth says new Plimsoll report

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The construction and building materials’ market should be encouraged by the news that some sectors seem to be thinking more positively. Pin Board is pleased to learn that a new market research report, which looks into the financial performance of the UK’s largest 1000 roofing and cladding companies, has found that average growth in this sector could be as much as 7% this year.

Plimsoll, the respected market research company, has compiled the 2013 roofing and cladding market report. The analysis shows that 325 businesses are showing growth up to 30% compared to the average growth of 7%. Although this means that the larger growth is being driven by just a quarter of the industry, it is still positive news and to be welcomed. However, there is still some concern, especially for smaller companies, which should not be ignored.

David Pattison, chief analyst at Plimsoll, commented:  “At last growth seems to be returning to the sector. However, the key is to get growth and maintain the margin.  These roofing firms are seeing increases in volume, but many are achieving this at the expense in volume, but many are achieving this at the expense of profits and are reducing their profitability.  Average margins across these growing companies are low averaging 1.3% this well below the already very low industry of only 2.1%.

“It’s also significant that it is the largest companies that are increasing in sales the fastest. Typically, larger companies are seeing sales increases of almost 7.7% and this is clear evidence that the industry is consolidating more and more towards the dominance of the major players.

“For smaller companies in the market, this is the third consecutive year that sales have increased less than 2%.”

The report provides detailed information on the leading UK’s roofing firms. It provides an analysis of each company showing their strengths and weakness, as well as showing the fastest growing, those in decline and those making the most profits. More information on the Roofing and Cladding report.

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