Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The importance of confidence in the workplace: Benefits of a positive and confident outlook

Wenger's Arsenal team has learnt the
importance of confidence 
Earlier this year we looked at the skills needed to ensure longevity in a job with the same employer; we contrasted the success and failures of two legendary football managers, Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. At that time it seemed Wenger had lost the ability to stay at the top and did not know how to turn things around. Jump forward a few months and it’s very different: as Ferguson is enjoying his retirement, Wenger’s Arsenal team is riding high at top of the Premier League. What has changed? 

On the face it of it, very little has changed, but there is currently a positive and confident outlook running throughout Arsenal Football Club and its supporters. Those two factors are having a dramatic effect on the club’s fortunes and everyone is performing at a much higher level. 

This demonstrates how our personal outlook and the general environment in which we work can inspire and help us reach our true potential, especially when we are part of a team. The alternative - and it is a fine line between the two - is a negative environment with ponderous decision-making and missed opportunities.

So what are the benefits of confidence and having a positive outlook, and how can we integrate them into our jobs, teams and companies? We look at this over two parts.

Part One: Five benefits of an organisation with a positive and confident outlook

1. People act on instinct and seize opportunity
People have faith in their own ability and are encouraged to act with natural instinct. It means you can set yourself apart from others and achieve heights that were previously unattainable. The bigger deals are there for the taking, if you put yourself in the position to be a contender. 

Take a look at how the Arsenal team is now allowing their skills to do the talking, rather than thinking too hard about what they’re doing and allowing the opportunities for success to be missed.

2. To encourage proactive behaviour
Employees and companies no longer just react to situations, or believe what they want is not possible. Instead there is a proactive culture with the belief that goals can be achieved before the full-time whistle is blown and openings are closed for good.

When confidence is tangible people have belief, and if an objective suddenly seems a reality, rather than a dream, you work that much harder to ensure you achieve it. 

Arsenal are currently looking forward to how they can develop; this is much better than just looking at what went wrong in the past – that is reactive and not a healthy environment for success.

3. Better decision-making
People make better decisions, which are not clouded with self-doubt or a negative outlook.

With Arsenal there is no longer an attitude of “What if I miss?” with players taking the safe option and therefore sometimes the wrong one. There is now the confidence to do what is right and not allow self-doubt to cloud decision-making.

4. Improved teamwork and atmosphere
If people work together as a happy team, rather than against each other, the team or company can move forward together, supporting and learning from each other. A happy team creates a positive atmosphere. If people look forward to going to work, their work ethic, attitude and ability to succeed is always going to be better.

Wenger’s team now has much improved teamwork and a fantastic work ethic and atmosphere and, as with Ferguson’s teams of the past at Manchester United, they believe that they can’t lose. 

5. You attract success
Others view you as successful and react to your confidence, want to deal with you and be part of that environment. The law of attraction is very powerful and should not be underestimated. If customers want to deal with you and people want to work for you, then you are well on your way to success. 

You only need to look at how demand for tickets at the Emirates has increased this season compared to last season and how, all of a sudden, top players from other clubs view playing for Arsenal as a viable alternative.

Part two: How to achieve this kind of environment.

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