Monday, 13 January 2014

Shortages in building materials and products are still a major concern: how are you dealing with this issue?

The good news is that housebuilding continued its recovery at the end of 2013, as shown in the latest RICS Construction Market Survey released last week. However, a large number of those surveyed, stated that material shortages are creating a major problem, particularly materials such as, bricks and blocks. 

As we discussed, some months ago, in our article: Where are the building blocks to recovery when you need them, this seems to be an on-going issue for the housebuilding industry and still hasn't been resolved. It affects the whole industry, from the architect, developer, manufacturer, stockist, builder to the homeowner. However, it is still a welcome problem after the doom and gloom of the last few years.

We would like to hear from manufacturers and stockists to understand how you are dealing with this issue and as demand increases during 2014, if you feel supply will get better or worse and what kind of time scale is involved?

RICS survey summary
The survey revealed the private housebuillding sector saw its output increase 7.3% in the first three quarters of 2013 against 2012. 

However, the RICS also said that almost 40% of respondents stated material shortages as a concern and pinpointed bricks and concrete blocks as being in particularly short supply, as were the bricklayers to build them - 36% of respondents to its survey found labour shortages to be constraining activity in Q4 2013. Its research showed a higher percentage of respondents reporting difficulties sourcing skills than at any time since the middle of 2006. 

The outlook for 2014 is very bright with expectations for future construction activity shown to be extremely upbeat with 74 percent more chartered surveyors expecting workloads to increase rather than decrease during 2014. Furthermore, predictions for employment levels and company profits were also very positive, suggesting that the construction sector may at long last be beginning to prosper.

The RICS survey stated: “Predictions for employment levels and company profits were also very positive, suggesting that the construction sector may at long last be beginning to prosper.”

Looking to employ?
With greater levels of work for manufacturers and stockists clearly evident  to supply the housebuilders, many are looking to invest in their workforce. 

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