Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Stay ahead of the pack by recruiting the best construction sales professionals

As the Tour de France hits the UK, before it starts its gruelling trek through France, it is an opportune moment to focus our minds on our businesses and the importance of staying ahead of the pack.

Just like the Tour de France, it should be a team effort and that includes suppliers of the vital equipment and services which help us to stay ahead of the competition and be pioneers in our markets. All your team members are key to this success. 

However, finding high quality sales, marketing and management professionals who are right for the building and construction industry is not that simple. We hope we can make it easier for you.

When you consider the lifetime cost of employing someone, you begin to realise how much of an investment you are making. With any other type of investment of this size, expert specialist advice would be sought and the necessary time allocated to the decision-making process.

We can all be experts in our own roles, but try doing someone else’s job for a week - it's tough and you can feel lost. However, when you are working alongside that person in your everyday job, you add real value to each other and success will follow. The same can be applied to recruitment: the appointment of a specialist recruitment agency to work with the employer should give real benefit and ensure that the chances of finding and developing the right employee are maximised.

To be able to place the right candidates, a recruitment agency should be able to prove they have a sound understanding and knowledge of your company, your products and services, your markets and customers, as well as your activity, approach and reasons for needing to recruit.

Understanding your industry by using a specialist recruitment agency that operates exclusively in your field and a consultant who also understands your specific company and needs provides you with a much more valuable service. At Pinnacle, we believe we can offer both.

We specialise in sales and marketing recruitment for the building and construction industry. We live and breathe the industry and feel like a supplier of a building product ourselves - the product that helps to build successful businesses.

So, if you are struggling to move through the gears when recruiting, we can be your crucial link in the chain to help you over the finish line.

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