Thursday, 17 July 2014

Construction sales and marketing recruitment growing at its fastest rate since 2007

Companies in the UK's construction industry are hiring staff at their fastest ever rate to cope with a sharp rise in house building activity. This was revealed by the figures in the latest Markit/CIPS construction PMI survey released at the start of July.  

However, job creation in the construction industry as a whole is also on the increase with manufacturers and merchants of construction products and building materials also seemingly recruiting at their fastest rate since 2007.

The trigger to this is bigger workloads encouraging companies to take on construction workers and building contractors to meet demand due to the increase in construction projects. Tim Moore, senior economist at Markit, said the record job creation represented "a remarkable yardstick of progress as the sector looks to recover the ground lost over the past seven years".

Moore continued: "A key recent development across the construction sector has been the return to pre-recession rates of job creation, following a prolonged period of falling payroll numbers and cuts to operating capacity."

It is this job creation which is reflected in the increase of vacancies being advertised through Pinnacle Consulting, leading sales and marketing construction recruitment specialists for the UK building and construction industry.

Pinnacle Consulting has seen the largest amount of vacancies on their books since the Spring of 2007 and the largest number of potential candidates contacting them with the confidence it is the time to progress their careers within construction sales and marketing.

Steve Rogan, Managing Director of Pinnacle Consulting said: "The message is now loud and clear from our clients that there is a real need to react to the increase in demand for building products. The general feeling is it is time to exploit and maximise potential sales by ensuring their products get stocked, specified and purchased by the industry, rather than their competitors. However, human resource is required to service the demand."

Steve also said: "Many companies just had to survive during the dark days of the recession and their careful recruitment management strategies have now enabled many of our clients to be in healthy position to start recruiting for growth. Specification selling jobs and construction marketing jobs seem to be two areas where the major increases have been seen."

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