Wednesday, 15 October 2014

In which job function are you looking to recruit?

The building products and construction sector was one of the hardest hit during the recession. However, now the economy and the construction and building industry sectors are in sustained growth, we are seeing many companies adopting a more considered and focused approach to their recruitment policy. 

This may be as a result of looking at the importance of their employees more closely in those darker days – isn’t it good to refer to those times in the past tense?

It is important to make the right recruitment decisions: focusing on particular disciplines, as well as the type of people you want to hire.

In construction industry sales and marketing roles, there are a number of job functions you can recruit for to help ensure you maximise your business potential quicker and more successfully than your competition.  

Field Sales Options
High-impact positions are often targeted, e.g. field sales roles, as they are vital to ensure that you secure every bit of business out there. But – should you be focusing on standard ‘Account Sales‘ or on ‘Specification Sales’ with its possible more lucrative long-term benefit? 

Getting the balance between the long and short-term view can be an important and difficult call to make. 

Are you finding the nature of the market means you can’t ignore securing specifications as part of your sales strategy? This certainly seems to be the case with the amount of specification sales roles we’ve had available recently.

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Internal Sales Options
Some companies are now enhancing their internal sales team to reduce the pressure on external sales and provide a more instant and technical response to customers’ needs. 

This can also be seen as proactive, as it ensures customers are being more regularly contacted as part of a support function - the more focused companies are exploiting this to their advantage.

Of course, it also helps to process orders more efficiently and keep customers advised on order progress, so that you are seen as reliable and an excellent long-term business partner.

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Marketing / Product Development Options
These were the areas that seemed to have been hit first in the recession, when really they should’ve been the key areas to support and focus on. Investment in marketing and product development helps ensure your product differentiation is clear which helps your sales team. 

The future of your company is more assured if you have new products and services that meet the changing needs and regulations of the construction market. 

How many companies were brave enough or able to invest in these areas during the recession? Do you have a long-term road map for new product introduction or enhancement? If not, it is something you should be thinking of developing now.

Along with specification sales, these are areas where we are now seeing a significant increase in construction companies’ recruitment.

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Developing and rewarding loyal members of staff
During the recession, we found many people were given extra duties to maximise their value. Hopefully, many companies will have found some hidden gems within their teams and will now reward them with new or enhanced roles. If you’ve found a good team member, cherish them, invest in them and let them develop even more. Don’t lose them, but recruit more good people who will grow with you and add real value.

Of course, it’s not always that simple and some companies just have to get on with it the best they can. Those who survived and want to thrive are often those who had the best and most adaptable employees in the first place. 

The key thing to remember is: your recruitment policy affects you even when you are not in recruitment mode, but if you are, consider where you need to be making appointments. Don’t think that just because it was right 7 years ago, it will be right now. Times have changed.

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