Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Incredible news for James Bond fans!

News has reached Pinnacle Consulting that the classic 1979 James Bond film ‘Moonraker’ is set to be recreated this coming Saturday. 

In a world exclusive, we are delighted to reveal that one of our top recruitment consultants, Steve Brennan, and is wife to be, Becky, are auditioning for the much rumoured remake of this classic spy blockbuster. 

They have decided to play the parts of perhaps the most memorable couple from the original film, ‘Jaws’ and ‘Dolly’. 

We think they will be perfect, as you can see from the first pre-publicity shots of their forthcoming partnership, recently leaked to the Pinnacle news desk.

On a serious note, we would like to wish Steve and Becky all the best at their wedding this Saturday (15th August). We hope the wedding photographer manages to get Steve’s head in - he is 6ft 10” after all! - perhaps ‘Q’ has issued him with a special camera.

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