Monday, 22 February 2016

Build them and they will come.....highest number of new homes registered for 8 years!

The industry is building them and the people are coming to fill them! The NHBC has revealed that UK new build registrations have hit an eight-year high, with 156,140 new homes registered in total in 2015. 

NHBC’s data showed an increase in private sector registrations of 7% to 118,611 homes during the year against 2014, with those for the public sector increasing 5% to 37,529. In total, new home registrations rose 7% compared to the previous year. NHBC added that it had registered 75% more new homes in 2015 than in the peak of the downturn in 2009.

Most UK regions saw notable growth in registrations compared to 2014, with the Eastern region, North West and Scotland experiencing the biggest lifts of 23%, 16% and 15% respectively. London’s registrations dropped 9% to 25,994 in 2015 against 2014, but NHBC pointed out that 2015 was still the third strongest year on record for London registrations.

NHBC’s statistics also showed that the number of detached homes registered in 2015 (42,173) was the highest in more than a decade, continuing 2014’s trend. And the number of semi-detached homes registered was at a 22-year high, totalling 35,423.

With NHBC representing 80% of the market for new build homes, the total market for UK registrations equals 195,000 homes.

NHBC’s ceo Mike Quinton said: “We are pleased to report that 2015 was a year for continued housing growth in the UK. Both the public and private sectors have performed well and we have seen encouraging levels of housebuilding across most regions of the country. It is chastening to see what has happened since the depths of the downturn in 2009.

“There is still a long way to go before we are building the levels of new homes that were seen before the economic downturn, but 2015 represents consolidation on the growth seen over the last three years.”

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