Friday, 22 February 2013

Building materials sales down says BMF

The latest figures from the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) indicate that UK sales of building materials (adjusted for inflation and trading day differences) fell by 16.7% in Q4 2012 compared Q3 2012. There is some good news though as they also reveal that sales in Q4 2012 were 2.1% up on sales in Q4 2011.

Sales in Greater London were the weakest in the UK with builders’ merchants reporting a quarterly year-on-year reduction of -9.4%. Greater London sales were also weakest in Q3. Wales (+9.4%) and Scotland (+8%) reported the strongest quarterly year-on-year results.

BMF Secretary, Peter Matthews, said: “Q4 is traditionally quieter than Q3 as the extended holiday break on many construction sites makes December a short working month, but the fall in sales is striking. The continuing weakness of sales of building materials in the Greater London area may be an indicator of concern, as this is one of the country’s strongest economic areas.

“At first glance the BMF figures are somewhat at odds with the ONS figures released earlier this month, showing a very slight (0.9%) rise in construction in Q4 over Q3. However the ONS also reports a 3.1% fall in output between October and November for the first time in three years.

“Construction continues to rumble along at the bottom of its longest ever recession. No one yet has an answer as to when that situation will end.”

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