Monday, 1 September 2014

Housing starts and completions figures show another rise

The latest figures for housing starts and completions were released late last month by the Department for Communities and Local Government, Private starts climbed 23.7% in Q2 2014 to 29,890 against the same quarter in 2013. (Although not many look like the picture shown!!)

Against Q1 2014, private starts in Q2 2014 lifted 2%. In total, 36,230 homes in Q2 were started, an 18% improvement on Q2 2013 and the same total as the previous quarter.

Private completions in Q2 2014 increased 4.8% to 23,360 against Q2 2013. Compared to Q1 2014, they rose 4%. Total completions during Q2 increased 7.4% to 29,540 against Q2 2013, rising 6% on the previous quarter.

And in the 12 months to June 2014, private starts rose 26% to 111,340 against the equivalent period in 2013. Private completions during the 12 months increased 7% to 90,860.

DCLG said that the yearly starts total of 137,780 marked the highest level of housebuilding since 2007, a 22% improvement on the 12 months to June 2013. Total annual completions lifted 7% to 114,440.

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