Monday, 15 September 2014

New plan says Building and Construction should be a major part of next government's plans

The next government has been encouraged by leading construction industry bodies to put housing and construction at the heart of its five-year term plan, creating jobs and growth throughout the United Kingdom. 

It is evidence that the whole industry needs to act as one for mutual benefit and Pinnacle Consulting is very supportive of any such initiative as this where the industry is working together.

The Get Britain Building campaign which was established in 2009 and combines the minds and expertise of the Home Builders Federation, Modern Masonry Alliance, Federation of Master Builders and the Builders Merchants' Federation has launched the Get Britain Building 2020 Delivery Plan.  This plan makes recommendations for the next government to push housing, infrastructure and skills forward from 2015 to 2020.


The campaign wants the new government to commit to solving the housing crisis within a generation, publishing a long-term housing strategy within its first year.

The alliance said it was “critical” that small as well as large plots of land were released for housing, and that banks should be encouraged to lend to small housebuilders through government guarantees.

It called for the Help to Buy equity loan to continue. It also said that the government should work with the industry to increase the number of construction apprenticeships. If all political parties pulled together, 200,000 new jobs would be created in the construction sector, it claimed.

Speaking at the launch, BMF MD John Newcomb said: “Supporting both house building and the upgrading of existing homes, the building supply chain is vital to the UK economy. Ensuring continued investment in manufacturing and distribution requires clarity and certainty. We need to know what we can expect from the next Government. Once policy is set, we also need continuity with no sudden changes of policy direction, levels of public funding or delivery arrangements, as we have seen so often in the past.”

Mike Leonard, Chief Executive of the Modern Masonry Alliance, added: “While much has been achieved since we launched the Get Britain Building campaign in 2009, the biggest opportunities to secure more homes, jobs, growth and a balanced economy still lie ahead of us. It is imperative that we begin to develop 30 year local development plans to create the confidence required to secure inward investment in infrastructure, manufacturing, distribution and land, and attract young people into the sector by offering long term meaningful career prospects.”

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), continued: “Today we put forward a range of sound actions and recommendations for the next Government to ensure it fully realises the potential of our sector and allows us to help deliver its aims of increasing the pace of economic growth and job creation, and reducing our carbon emissions. We are calling on the next Government to put housing and construction at the heart of its five year plan.”

John Slaughter, Director of External Affairs at the Home Builders Federation, added: “Home builders are already stepping up their investment in skills as the market recovers. A firm commitment by the next Government to policies that enable the industry to increase supply will help tackle our housing crisis and give the industry the confidence to create the jobs our young people need. Communities across the country stand to benefit greatly.” 
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