Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Help is at hand to increase visitors to builders merchants

Hot on the heels of Steve Rogan's recent article on supporting the independent trades, the Builders Merchants Federation have launched a new Branch Locator App with the aim of helping tradespeople find a convenient outlet anywhere in the country.

This is an excellent innovation and clearly demonstrates how technology can be a real help to tradespeople, especially with the geographical spread of many 'local' tradespeople becoming greater in recent years - sometimes a good 60 mins. from their base. It is common place that additional materials are needed on a job or those 'extra' requests which clients ask for during a job need a quick visit to a nearby merchant. This app. saves time and helps all involved.

The near 4,500 branches operated by BMF builders' merchants across the UK can all be found instantly using the app. 

Free of charge and available on Apple IOS and Android, the app enables tradespeople to search the merchants name, products sold or by their current location. Some BMF merchants also have features enabled to allow users to one-touch call and email to contact them directly or a link to their website. 

The app also has a Sat Nav feature which will show the user the quickest route to the selected merchant. BMF merchant members have also been sent a poster to display in their branches which has a QR code for customers to scan and download the app. 

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BMF MD, John Newcomb said: “This is the only free app providing information and direct access to thousands of builders merchants throughout the country.  Many tradesmen rely on their smartphone to contact merchants and order materials.  This will be a real help when they are working on site, particularly when they are away from their usual merchants. As there is no cost involved, I would urge everyone to download the app today, so it is ready on your smartphone when you need it.”

The BMF Branch Locator App can be downloaded for free here or via Apple and Android app stores. 

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