Friday, 7 April 2017

Rewind to April 2002....

15. It is just a number, but for Pinnacle Consulting it is a very special number as this Saturday, 15 years ago, saw our arrival in the building products sales recruitment sector. It seems like only yesterday. 

We thought it would be interesting to reminisce and take a look at what was going on back in that period. So, lets rewind for a moment….

  • April 6th: Arsenal beat Spurs 2-1 with goals from Ljungberg and Lauren
  • April 6th: Jim Culloty riding Bindaree wins the 155th Grand National
  • April 9th: The Queen Mother’s funeral
  • April 14th: Tiger Woods wins the 66th Masters Golf Tournament
  • UK Number One Single: Gareth Gates with Unchained Melody
  • UK Number One Album: Moby with Play
  • Average weekly wage: £391
  • Big at the cinema: Ice Age, Blade II, Ali G Indahouse, The Scorpion King
  • Popular on TV: 24, Eastenders, SM:tv, Stars In Their Eyes
  • Recently departed: Kenneth Wolstenholme, Dudley Moore, Barry Took, Spike Milligan

Suddenly everything does seem such a long time ago, especially the Arsenal part!

What were you doing in 2002?

Our thoughts on 15 years in business
When you strip down all the misconceptions about the recruitment industry, ultimately recruitment - when done properly and with integrity - should be considered a vital human support service. 

The focus should be to help individuals achieve their dreams, reach their potential, and ensure they are able to support their families and enjoy life. And from the other side, seeing businesses grow, partially because of the calibre of people we have managed to match to their business is equally as rewarding. If that doesn’t make recruitment a worthwhile industry, I don’t know what does. 

Colin Hoy and I still get a buzz when we place someone and make their day and solve a problem for a company, and if that stops, then we have failed our industry. 

It has been an incredible 15 years and we’d like to thank everyone who has worked for us and with us.

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