Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring into life and start your search for a new job with a Skype consultation

Spring is officially here, the clocks have gone forward, the evenings are lighter, and the positive feelings generated should be used to start looking for that career defining job you've been thinking about throughout the Winter!

We can help you start this process.

Don’t delay, arrange a Skype Consultation with us today!
At Pinnacle Consulting, we can arrange a Skype consultation with a candidate almost immediately.

This ultimately helps us to quickly assess your needs and aspirations in greater detail than a phone call, CV and covering email. 

It also allows us to react effectively to a live recruitment situation, ensuring you don’t miss out on a potentially superb career changing opportunity.

In most instances, we would still arrange to meet you physically face-to-face at a later date, as this further enhances the close and long-term relationships we build with all our candidates.

We will promise to be nice and understanding about using this form of communication. However, it will become more and more common as you progress your career, so a more informal practice with us can only help prepare you to shine in a more formal Skype interview with a potential employer. It will happen, so embrace and hone your skills, starting today. 

Call us on 01480 405225 or email us at
It could be the most important appointment of your career

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