Monday, 6 May 2013

Growth in Kitchen Appliances Market reported

Pin Board is pleased to hear that a new report from Companies and Markets has revealed the UK cooking appliances' market grew by 1% in 2012. This was mainly due to consumers realising the benefits of the innovative features and integrated functions of modern cooking appliances. It was also reported that this sector will become the largest within the white goods market by 2015.

Although only small growth, it is encouragement for the manufacturers in the KBB sector who invested in market research, technological innovation and product development during some very difficult times. It is also testament to high quality marketing in educating the benefits of these features to the consumer through promotional campaigns and manufacturers' network of showrooms and retailers. The key areas that have driven the growth are ease of functionality and growing consumer awareness of economical and environmental issues.

Key Headlines
  • Large cooking appliances returns to positive retail volume growth of 1% in 2012
  • Multi-functionality features and built-in integrated appliances are in high demand in 2012
  • Freestanding cooking appliances record the highest retail volume growth of 2% in 2012
  • Freestanding cooker hoods posted the strongest growth in 2012 with a volume rise of 5%
  • Built-in hobs and cookers each recorded 1% retail volume growth in 2012 after being in decline since 2008.
  • Unit price increase across all the category resulting in total value growth of 4% in 2012
  • Indesit Co UK continues to lead, holding 17% retail volume share in 2012
  • Large cooking appliances is set to record a retail volume CAGR of 3% over the forecast period
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