Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Updated estimating service will assist merchants' relationships with local building firms

Builders' merchants are one of our most active sectors for the recruitment of showroom sales, field sales and specification sales professionals, it is also a sector that has had to embrace technology advancements.  

In recent years the importance and scope of merchants' relationship with building firms in their locality has grown and merchants have had to adapt to remain competitive. Many of our clients use software developed by construction sector specialists HBXL and we are pleased to hear that their popular estimating service to enable builders' merchants to offer speedy and accurate quotes to their customers has now been extended and improved.

With the service, HBXL now not only supports builders' merchants establish better working relationships with local building firms but helps them increase market share and improve profit margins.

The service works by sending a set of building plans to HBXL where the company’s expert estimators will price up the plans quickly and accurately.

Once complete a detailed estimate report pack is then sent back outlining a summary of the project’s cost, detailed breakdown of materials, plant and labour, cost breakdown of each build phase, cash flow projection and a build program for when each part of the project will take place.

It also comes with a professional customer quotation for the builder’s own client to help them win the job. And for merchants anticipating large volumes of work, any estimates produced for their branches can be worked out using their product descriptions, their product codes and priced using each branches account prices.

HBXL marketing director Joanna Mulgrew said builders' merchants looking to extend the service they provide to their customers should make the most of the estimating service which has been specifically designed to take the hassle out of providing accurate take-offs for residential construction projects.

Joanna said: “Every good merchant will have a hub of local builders who rely on them for good customer service. But how often have they had plans sat on their desk for a week or two and just not had the time to do them?

“By signing up to the HBXL Estimating Service merchants can offer their customers a really quick turnaround.

“The builder gets a speedy and accurate quote while the builders' merchant ensures it covers all the building materials required for the job.

“The more you know about what your client is building the more opportunity you have to sell in products on your books. It’s about maximising the opportunity from every customer – by asking for a client’s plans you have sight of the whole job so you can sell more.

“Builders will then come to rely on their builders' merchants as they need to get their own tenders in.”

Joanna added: “Due to the quality of the estimating packs we provide, builders genuinely win more jobs. And the more successful the builder is, the more they will spend with their builders' merchant. In short, everyone’s a winner.”

HBXL’s estimating service ranges in price from £75 for a single garage to £99 for a lift conversion, £199 for a three-bedroom house. A next day service is also available.

For details on the HBXL Estimating Service, please visit

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