Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Government adds incentives to encourage take-up of Green Deal cash-back scheme

Good news for manufacturers of eco-friendly products as the government has announced it is changing their Green Deal cash-back scheme to encourage more people to take-up its energy efficiency programme. 

Applications for Green Deal Cash-back can now be submitted up to the end of June, with with energy improvements to be installed, and vouchers redeemed, by 30 September 2014. 

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: "Inefficient homes use a lot more energy than they need to, which consumers pay a high price for. 

"The extension and increase to Green Deal cash-back means more families will be helped to have warmer, more energy efficient homes and lower energy bills by next winter. These changes also create more opportunities for the growing number of authorised green deal companies." 

DECC has also increased the cash-back available on some Green Deal measures: 

  • Up to £4,000 is now available for solid wall insulation, up from £650 
  • Up to £1,000 for anyone needing 'room in roof' insulation, increased from £220 
  • Up to £650 for households installing double glazing, from £320 

The cap has also been raised on cash-back payments from 50% of a household's contribution towards costs, to two thirds, meaning more people will be eligible for the maximum cash-back level. recruitment for the building products sector

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