Monday, 23 March 2015

Great news for KBB sector as homeowners plan substantial upgrade work on their kitchens

Research in the latest UK and Ireland Kitchen Trends Report on, from a survey of more than 2,800 UK and Irish homeowners has revealed that those planning to re-do their kitchens this year are planning to 'go big'.

Figures that 49% will be investing in substantial upgrades and more than a fifth adding an extension.

Nearly half of homeowners (48%) are budgeting £5k to £20k for their project, while 21% were estimating spending £21k to £40k and 1% budget in excess of £100,000. Those are some pretty big figures and is great news for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of kitchen products. 

The increase in new home purchases have been highlighted as a key reason for driving growth in kitchen upgrades, demonstration how the whole building industry feeds of each other for mutual benefit.

As well as investing substantial amounts of money, space was also highlighted as being important – with 64% of those working on a kitchen project, or planning one in the next year, said they were looking to increase the square footage of their space.

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The average homeowner in the UK and Ireland updates their kitchen every 13 years, according to's UK and Ireland Kitchen Trends Report.

Other highlights from the research:
  • On average, UK and Irish households update their kitchens every 13 years 
  • We spend around 12% our lives in the kitchen, on average 2.8 hours a day
  • Open-plan living is here to stay
  • People opt for professionals to help – just 23% have chosen DIY

Read the full report here...

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