Monday, 12 October 2015

Lighthouse Club - A Shining Beacon of Light to all involved in the Construction Industry

The building and construction industry is a large family, and every organisation and individual within it is vital to its success. 

Whether you are an architect, consultant, developer, contractor, manufacturer, member of the trade press, stockist or merchant, recruitment agency, builder or construction worker, it is important that everyone's role is recognised, because without each other, we wouldn't have an industry. 

The Lighthouse Club - the Construction Industry Charity, shines brightly on behalf of the construction workers that we couldn't do without.

As a leading sales and marketing recruitment agency to the building products sector - with many manufacturers and merchants or suppliers of building and construction products or  equipment on our books - we know just how important the construction workers who install, build and construct with the products, materials or equipment which our clients make or sell are.  The risks they take are the most dangerous any of us in the industry take.

Steve Rogan, our Managing Director, simply explains: “It is important that the whole industry uses its position to support those less fortunate than ourselves who suffer as a result of injury or death on a construction site. The work that Lighthouse Club does to help those affected (and their families) should be close to our clients’ hearts. All at Pinnacle are delighted to help to promote the work they do. Please download their latest newsletter and find out more on their latest news and events.”

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Lighthouse Club the construction industry charity

Established in 1956, Lighthouse Club, the construction industry charity, gives financial help to construction workers’ families, plunged into financial crisis when they lose their breadwinner’s income through illness, injury or death. 

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